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Online travel guides

Online travel guides offer details about a location, including information on restaurants, hotels, activities, and landmarks.

Internal Virtual Experiences

Internal virtual experiences are virtual excursions or pursuits that let you visit a location from the comfort of your own house.

city virtual tours

You can explore a city or neighborhood using a city virtual tour, a form of virtual travel experience, on your computer or mobile device.

Who We Are

We at Voyage Leroy think that one of life’s best pleasures is travel. We also recognize that not everyone has the chance to travel as frequently as they’d like and that it can be expensive and time-consuming. Because of this, we have developed a variety of virtual travel experiences that let you see the globe from the convenience of your own house. A selection of online travel guides that offer thorough information about locations all over the globe have been produced by our team of knowledgeable travel experts. Our guides offer suggestions for places to visit, eat, stay, and do things, as well as helpful information on getting around, getting a passport, and getting travel insurance.

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Online travel guides offer details about a location, such as sights, dining options, lodging options, and activities. Additionally, they can provide helpful guidance on matters like transportation, visas, and trip insurance. On websites like Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, and Tripadvisor, you can find online travel guides that can be a helpful resource for planning and researching your journey.

Internal virtual experiences are virtual journeys or pursuits that let you visit a location from the comfort of your house. For instance, you might enrol in a virtual culinary class to learn how to prepare regional specialties or a virtual dance class to discover regional dance forms. Internal virtual encounters can be an entertaining and engaging way to research a place’s culture and history before travelling there.

Virtual tours of a specific city or area are known as city virtual tours. To create an immersive experience, these tours frequently use 360-degree photos or videos. As a result, you can “walk” through a city’s streets and sites from your computer or mobile device. While some virtual city excursions are self-guided, others are accompanied by a local guide who can offer commentary and respond to inquiries. City virtual tours can be a helpful resource for studying a location, making travel plans, or getting a feel for a place before you go.

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I've always wanted to explore the world, but it's difficult to find the time with my hectic schedule. Through Voyage Leroy's experiences, I can sample various cultures and cuisines without ever leaving my home.
I frequently have trouble locating the best activities to do when I'm travelling alone. The online travel books from Voyage Leroy have been a lifesaver because they are packed with helpful suggestions and advice that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

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